Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine is the use of plants and plant extracts to manage illness and enhance overall health and wellbeing. Herbalism has a long history; it is the oldest and most widely used system of medicine across the globe. The use of medicinal plants can be found within all cultures and traditional health systems – through the types of plants and the ways in which they are used in treatments will often vary in different cultures and countries. 

Although steeped in history, there is an increasing body of evidence supporting the efficacy of herbal medicines. Science shows us how medicinal plants’ unique biochemistry can impact on health and disease processes. 

Herbal medicine practitioners approach health holistically and tailor treatments to each individual, based on their own unique needs; considering underlying causes for illness while also addressing the symptoms. 

Herbal medicines can be taken as teas, or infusions, in tablet or powder compounds, as potent liquid extracts, or by incorporating medicinal plants as ingredients into the daily diet. 


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