How to Host a Weed Walk

Get your 2020 Weed Walk Kit comprised of Brief Instructions Guide plus TWELVE monographs. 

It's easy to access and download your 2020 Weed Walk Kit from Google Drive

Big thanks to all the herbalists and naturopaths who contributed to these excellent monographs!

Monographs include:

Chickweed, Chicory, Cleavers, Dandelion, Farmer's Friends, Wild Fennel, Gotu Kola, Mullein, Nettle, Plantain, St Mary's Thistle and White Horehound.

You are so welcome to write a monograph of your favorite "weed". If inspired, get in touch with Sally for the monograph writing guide.


Make some decisions:

Considerations in selecting a DATE & TIME to enable the most people to attend:


  • Each season has a particular array of plants coming into their own. Consider this in your planning. 

  • Take into consideration what your participants have going on in their lives. For example, sports, kids holidays, household duties, work obligations.

  • Also, consider daylight savings giving extra light time.

  • Weekends can be great, but also weekday evenings, or even lunchtimes!

  • Duration of weed walk could be 30 mins (ideal for lunchtime sessions) up to 90 mins, with a cup of tea and herb-inspired snack at the end.


Choose your Location: 

Scouting your LOCATION which is rich in flora and accessible.


  • Some of the best places are creeks that are not highly cultivated. Also, abandoned sites and overgrown allotments, grazing paddocks (seek permission from the owners on all private land), and roadsides (not busy roads for safety reasons).

  • Parks are generally fairly cultivated, however there may be a focus in your local park on specific flora that is relevant to herbal medicine.

  • Take a walk to identify your route. Depending on the density of species in the area, you might want to have a route that is anywhere from 100m to 1.5km long, depending on the density of the species growing there.

Sell your tickets:


Now you have the WHEN & WHERE... Set up ticketing.


Even if you are running your weed walk for free, it is a great idea to get people to sign up beforehand. That way, you can ensure everyone knows the basics:

  • When & where 

  • What to wear

  • What to bring

  • What to expect


For FREE events, the most user-friendly online tool is Eventbrite - This is a great promotional opportunity for you and your clinic, as well as a fun experience to get outside and into nature.


For PAID events (suggest between $10-20, and kids free), the cheapest ticketing tool is Trybooking - If you are offering herbal tea and snacks or accrue additional costs, you might want to charge.

Event Example:


Here’s an example of a Weed Walk promo from a few years back.


Grab attention with these headlines: 

Get your boots on, and let’s explore the creek, you never know what you’ll find!

Discover Edible herbs and weeds in your local area.


Safety waivers:

  • Ensure you have your insurances up to date. Please check with your insurer to assess whether your insurance covers events like Weed Walks. 

  • It is important that you keep your participants safe while they are on your tour. Suggest you stay away from cliffs, know the ground you are touring through, ask your participants to mind their step on rocky ground. Be aware of safety elements in relation to traffic.

  • Assume most council areas have been poisoned with sprays and traffic fumes and are not safe for consumption. Check with your local council (and support their enthusiasm to mention steam weeding practices that can be used instead of spraying carcinogens).

  • Mis-identification is a key issue. Check the monograph carefully to help identify the different species.

  • You must include a waiver in your ticket purchasing process.

  • The NHAA takes no legal or safety responsibility for your weed walk. It is up to you to ensure the safety of your participants.


Posters & Flyers

​You can create your own poster and fliers:

  • Canva - is an easy to use, free, online graphic design program online


There are a wide range of lovely images you can find if you want to make your own poster for example:

Print a few of these out and pop them in the local library, community centre, scout hall, CWA centre, community radio station, school notice boards, RSL clubs etc just to get the ball rolling.